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Live in care » Live-In Or 24-Hour Care
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Live in care » Live-In Or 24-Hour Care

Professional Live-In Care for Elderly in Perth

When recovering from an injury or illness, or after being diagnosed with a chronic health condition, live-in care is a beneficial option for many seniors. At Home Care Assistance Perth South Metro, we provide live in home nursing care for the elderly by offering constant assistance and supervision at home, as well as the highest level of support for recovery and disease management while providing much needed companionship to housebound seniors. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality home care experience to seniors throughout Perth and surrounding area. Our live-in carers make the home safer and more comfortable for ageing individuals by empowering them to maintain independence and enjoy a higher quality of life.

24-Hour Caregivers for Recovering Seniors

Leaving the hospital is often stressful for seniors and their family members. The burden to find high-quality home care is often placed on the family, and many homes are unsafe for seniors without the right level of care in place. The live-in caregivers at Home Care Assistance Perth South Metro support families by coordinating the appropriate level of care to safely and comfortably bring their senior loved ones back home. Our Care Managers work with discharge planners, family members, and seniors to develop comprehensive plans for around-the-clock care. Throughout recovery, our highly qualified and fully trained caregivers remain by the senior’s side 24 hours a day, building confidence, strength and independence through bonding and encouragement and by meeting a variety of care needs.

Live in Care Designed to Meet Individual Needs

After hospitalization or the diagnosis of a chronic health condition, some seniors require live-in care for the rest of their lives. For others, changing needs means less care is needed over time. Home Care Assistance Perth South Metro’s flexible scheduling makes it easy for seniors to revise their level of care at any time. Our care plans can be regularly assessed to ensure your loved one’s care remains appropriate and beneficial, and our Care Managers offer 24-hour home care assistance, providing the peace of mind your family needs.

If you are interested in exploring the option of live-in care for an ageing loved one, call Home Care Assistance Perth South Metro on (08) 6167 5160 to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation evaluation.

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